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How Long to Wait Before Donating Blood Again


Donating blood is a real wonderful thing to do. A simple donation like your blood comes a long way. By donating blood, you can save a life. A simple act of kindness by giving away your blood means a lot to those people who needs them.

Not many people are willing to donate blood. The main reason they don’t donate blood is because they fear needles. They are afraid because needles are painful. But the truth is, being pricked by a needle doesn’t hurt that much.

As long as you can overcome the fear on needles then you are ready to become a blood donor. As you donate, think of the people you are going to help. You should be proud to be able to donate blood and help the many people who are sick.

Note only you are helping others by donating your own blood, but did you know that it also has some really good and healthy benefits yourself? Donors can get multiple healthy benefits from donating blood.

The benefits of donating blood include reducing risk of cancer, improves your heart and liver, lose weight and lastly stimulate blood cell production.

Ones you know the many great and wonderful benefits of donating blood. You should probably start doing it. And once you have started with your donations, it best to be consistent about it.

How often is it safe to donate? Give yourself 2 months before donating blood again. By Waiting 2 months, you would have all your lost blood from previous donation replenished.

There are a few things that you need to do right before donating blood. Make sure you have enough sleep the night before. When your well rested, then would have a of energy on the day of donation and you won’t feel as weak after donating blood.

It also a good idea to drink lost of water before donating blood. Because by drinking lots of water, it helps the proper blood flow during the donation. Blood flows faster if you drink lots of fluids.

Lastly make sure to eat if you are going to donate blood. It is import increase your iron and by eat food help build up iron. It also helps if you eat something salty.

By the way, stay away from alcohol. You should not drink alcohol before donating blood.

What do you do as soon as you finish donating blood? The first thing to do is first rest for a bit. When your done with the donation, don’t stand up right away. You need a bit of rest. At 2 to 5 minutes will do.

After you are done resting you need to eat a bit. This helps build sugar on your body. Also, by eating you can regain some the lost energy.

It’s wonderful habit to regularly make it a habit to donate blood. In order for you to not forget about going back and donate blood. It is a good idea to schedule your next appointment to donate blood as soon as possible. Make sure to set a date 2 months in advanced.