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Henna Tattoo


When I was a kid, I was always fascinated by tattoos. You always see tattoos portrayed on TV and movies. The guys with tattoos are like 100 times cooler looking than someone without one. Obviously when I was a kid I was not allowed to get tattoos. Parent won't allow it until I became an adult. Sine I really wanted to have one, I started looking for alternattives. The next option was to get temporary tattoos. There are a lot of temporary tattoos that are readily available. A lot of them are like stickers that you stick on your skin. Another temporary tattoo is a henna tattoo. Henna tattoos looks like real tattoos. They look great and looks like real tattoos.

Henna Tattoo

What is Henna Tattoo

Henna tattoos are made using a plant-based ink called Henna. The henna ink is made using a dye made out of henna plant. The henna ink is black and sometimes they are reddish in color. The good thing with henna is that they stay temporarily on the skin. Also it doesn't to get henna tattoos. You don't bleed and there are no needles involved.

Henna Application

Unlike your traditional tattoos where ink is inserted inside the skin using needles which leads to bleeding and pain. Henna tattoo is applied on top of the skin. You will feel no pain at all when applied. The tattoo artist will draw on top the skin. It is similar as if you draw using a pen. Ink comes out of the metal tip as it glides on the surface of the skin.

How Long Does Henna Last

The henna tattooo will remain on the skin temporarily. It usually lasts a week or two depending on the quality of henna ink used.

Henna is typically when applied comes out as a black liquid ink that when applied to the skin, then after a few minutes it dries out. It stays on the skin temporarily and last a few days.

Do Henna Come Off When Washed

You need to take note that henna doesn't easily come off. Even if you take a bath and apply soap and water on it, henna won't come off. The henna dye is pretty strong so it still stick it may fade but it wont come off. You just have have to wait and it will eventually disappear by within a week or two.

It is best to keep that in mind. In case you are thinking of doing something crazy like making doodles on your face or something like that. Beware, please dont do that. The drawing will stay on your face for weeks.

Does Henna Tattoos Hurt?

Henna tattoos are not really tattoos, it’s a form of body art. The artist paints on top of the person’s skin. When henna is applied on the skin, they don’t hurt at all.

All though sometimes you will feel some irritation. My first time getting a henna tattoo my skin felt hot and afterward I noticed my skin turned red and got some sort of skin irritation. I think it was a homemade henna that’s why. So if you are interested, make sure you get real henna.