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How Long to Wait Before Donating Blood Again

Donating blood is a real wonderful thing to do. A simple donation like your blood comes a long way. By donating blood, you can save a life. A simple act of kindness by giving away your blood means a…

Angels and Airwaves new music video Kiss and Tell

Just a couple days after Blink 182, the former band of Angels and Airwaves frontman Tom Delonge released their new music video 'Darkside' , Angels and Airwaves had just also released a new music…

Darkside - Blink 182's New Music Video

From time to time I occationaly go back and listen to the old bands I grew up listening. Today I was just going you and started listening to punk bands that I used to listen. I love Blink 182 so I…

Can Someone with Tattoos Donate Blood

If you have a tattoo and you maybe curious if you can donate blood. Did you know that by donating your blood, not only you help save lives but it is also health for you. By donating blood lessen the…

Henna Tattoo

When I was a kid, I was always fascinated by tattoos. You always see tattoos portrayed on TV and movies. The guys with tattoos are like 100 times cooler looking than someone without one. Obviously…

Hello World! How I Decided To Start a Blogging Website

"HELLO WORLD". Did you know that the "hello world" is the phrase that is use commonly produced by developers on their first program? Following this tradition I created by first blog post with the…